The activities take place within and around the school. Sometimes, collaboration with different schools (a cluster) allows children from other schools to participate in the activities as well. By organizing the activities on and around the own school premises, they are easily accessible to everyone. Enrollment and participation are open to students of the Brede Schools.


The range of activities is aimed at introducing as many children as possible to as many different activities as possible. This provides children with the opportunity to discover their strengths, interests, and areas for further development. This approach is also known as broad talent development.


The school compiles the program, and parents can enroll their child via this website. Each school has a coordinator who manages the registrations and assigns children to the activities. The coordinator ensures that everyone attends every lesson because enrollment and participation also mean attending all classes.


An activity typically lasts about ten school weeks, sometimes slightly longer or shorter. There are no activities during holidays or weekends when the school is closed. Each school year consists of 3 periods of approximately ten weeks. Most activities last for one hour, although some may extend to one and a half hours.

Free participation

Participation in the activities is free of charge. The municipality and school boards prioritize ensuring that everyone can participate. However, parents must give permission for participation, and everyone must adhere to the rules and regulations.

Rules for participation in activities

To ensure that the activities run smoothly and safely, we have a set of rules in place. When registering for participation in the activities, we kindly ask you to agree to the following rules: